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Delinquency Management

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Collection Solutions That Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost!

Our Loan Service Center is a comprehensive solution that manages delinquency for all loan types before charge-off, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. This solution is particularly effective due to the expertise of our trained agents and regular updates, which can be further improved with dialer technology, field services, indirect credit dispute processing, coordinated repossessions, and bankruptcy management. With our approach, you can expect more efficient collection operations and a reduction in delinquency, all while maintaining a customer-friendly approach.

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Minimize loan loss by managing early stage delinquency with extended collection hours to ensure right party contact.

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Trained agents work with debtors to find reasons and solutions for their failure to pay. Bilingual agents are available.

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Convenient pay-by-phone option improves collection results.

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Results of call, next contact and course of action can be viewed in real-time.

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Improve your bottom line, with solutions designed for any loan type, at any stage of delinquency.

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Delinquency Management
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